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What to Know
In a browser: Log in to my AOL account and click your name. Select Account Security > Change Password. Please enter a new password and confirm it.
First, in iOS, access your account: In the AOL app, select the Setting gear > Privacy dashboard > Your Account. Tap Your Account.
In iOS, change the Password: From Your Account, choose Edit Account Info > 3-line menu > Account Security > Change password.
This article explains how to change your AOL Mail password using a browser or an iOS mobile device. It includes tips for selecting a new password.
Change Your AOL Mail Password in a Web Browser
Change your AOL Mail password if you suspect your account has been hacked, want to change your password to something stronger and more difficult to deduce or want your AOL password to be something you can easily remember. When it's time to change your current Password, make the change in your AOL account information screen.
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