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How to get auto transmission torn down

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I took the automatic transmission off the car, but now I can't get get the the transaxle to come apart. I took off all all the housing bolts and the shift assmbly guides. Is their a set, lock or snap ring over the main shaft that needs to be removed? I removed the back or left half cover with no problem. The two parts will pry apart about 1/4" to 1/2". Is their a special Honda tool need or something?
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Went to a junk yard to look for Legends and found three, one had 138K, another 148K and the other 152K. The cost of a used engine there was $265 and an auto transmission $145. Cheaper than a Fel Pro head gasket set at $300, and over $100 for a machine shop to pressure check the head and make sure it's not warped and machine it. The transmission repair shop here wants at least $150 to just look at the tranny.
iirc from your other posts, you picked up a free(?) Legend.
Buy the used engine, do the t-belt and seals while out of the car, including the rear main.
For the trans, I would look for the one with the shiniest case and cleanest fluid, not just low mileage one. Clean the shift solenoid screens before installing and it should be fine.
That's my plan, look for the legend that looks the cleanest, that's been well maintained, best looking belts, also one that looked like it ran before it was taken to the junk yard. I plan on getting an engine and transmission all from one car, hopefully. I still want to get the tranny apart, don't care about fixing or rebuilding it just want to see what it looks like inside. I'm in no rush, and can take my time, I've been cleaning the engine compartment.
Went to the nearest junk yard and their used engines are $150 and transmissions are $85 but they dont have any Legends right now.
Took out the seats, and center colume to clean the carpet and it was filthy. Didnt find much change either. Took off the glove box and cleaned the AC by brushing and using a vaccum to blow out the leaves, Took off the front bumper it was sagging on the sides. saw that it has two guides on the ends that were loose, one was bent, staioghned it, must have been in a fender bender. Next is replacing the steering rack, one boot is torn and looks like it has a bad leak.
I posted a thread for downloading the First Generation Acura Legend Shop Manual back in mid May this year.

Here is the link to my mediafire account to download the Shop Manual:


The Shop Manual has every Removal and Install procedures with Illustrations including the Engine internals and Transmission disassembly and assembly.

Jim Lombardi
Thanks for the shop manual I've been looking at it and it looks like you need special tools to take apart the housing. Probably beyond my skills and ability level.
Today at the local junk yard there was a 90 legend coupe with 226K miles with engine runs and transmission ok written on the windshield also bad brake booster with broken brake line. The engine looked to be clean and the engine oil and trans fluid seemed ok. I might try this engine as a replacement. Any ideas or suggestions?
some photos


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Went to the local machine shop yesterday to ask how much it would cost to fix the stripped head bolt and he said that it probably warped the head, or there was a good chance the head got warped. I had taken off the valves and cleaned them. Probably better now to look for a used engine. The cost of the HG, fixing the head bolt and checking the heads would cost more.
Took off the exhaust valve rockers to replace the seals. Does anyone know what the numbers on the sides of the rockers mean, 20B, A18, 18B, 19A, 19B, 17B and A17. They all look the same to me.
Took off the exhaust valve rockers to replace the seals. Does anyone know what the numbers on the sides of the rockers mean, 20B, A18, 18B, 19A, 19B, 17B and A17. They all look the same to me.
There are A and B rocker arms which look to be mirror images of each other. It would be good to put them back in the same order. In any case if the rocker arms have been taken out the exhaust valves need to be adjusted.
A's face one direction and B's the other I dont get the numbers is that length height or angle? I will probably never figur it out.
Yesterday I went to the junkyard and found a 1988 with 126K and pulled it out but couldnt use the tranny because mine is a 1990. The person at the junkyard said the car ran and they were going to sell it as used but the interior was bad. Anyway the junkyard had a 13 month waranty (at extra cost) that allows me to return the engine if anything bad happens and get a different engine. Most junkyards give you 30 or 90 days. Now I need to find a 90 tranny or have mine cleaned and rebuilt. any suggestions?
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