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Hi everyone!
This is a great forum. I have the similar problem as many other readers. The temp gauge goes all the way to HOT and then drops to normal on the highway.
While idling the temp gauge goes up to HOT, then the fan comes on, but then it stops before the temp gauge goes back to normal. I turn off the engine the fan works normally.
This is the reason I would like to find out if there is a way to bypass the fan controls and make the fan work all the time when the ignition is in the III , basically when I start the engine I want at least one of the fans to come on.
Even if this is possible, will there be any counter-effects?
Thank you.

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hey first off welcome to the forum.

regarding your problem, i wouldnt try to find a quick/cheap fix.
the temp guage rising are either 2 problems
1-air bubbles in the cooling system
2-(praying you dont hav this issue) a blown head gasket.

when was the last time you serviced the cooling system?
good luck

and yes, there are ways to keep the fan constant running, but like i said, look for the problem and fix it. dont try to go for the quick/cheap method, cuz you will pay at the end.
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