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How's my G2 Legend? Please Take A Look. Thank you!

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I've never had my car here, though I think a while back I showed it briefly. Check out my 1994 G2 Legend. I've owned it for about 11 months now.

My suggestion is to view each image one at a time, by clicking on each image, then clicking on that image again to view the full size.

Please pay special attention to the front end. In a previous thread, when asked what color I should paint the grille, I think the concensus was to paint it body color. How does it look? The first initial reactions were not too good with my girl and some others, but I think it looks better than the plain metal color. What do you think? Metal? Black? or White?

Also please pay attention to the rims. You'll notice the front rim has a center cap on it and the rear rim does not. Recently, America's Tire on a very busy day forgot to put the cap back on. Does the rim look better with or without the cap?
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Im lovin your car bro, do u have suspension kit?
I think it looks better with the cap, i also like how u painted the metal part of the grille
overal i like it :bowdown:
I really like your legend. Very clean... May I suggest lowering it (it looks like a 4X4). I would also paint the sideskirts white to match the car, it looks a lot better with light cars.
Hey Asian, the car looks badder than a mofo. All you gotta do is lower it because it sits too high and the grill looks really really good. Besides that, I have a few questions, what kind of rims are those, what size rims are those, what did you use to paint the grill and do you plan to paint the lower body skirts?
Yeah what size rims and tires... Also It looks goo w/o caps...

Thanks you to all who have commented thus far. I like the way the white grill looks in lieu of painting in black or leaving as the natural metal color that it is. The white grill will help enhance the emblems, when I get around to doing them.

Now onto answering all of yer questions:

mYbabYLeGend: No suspension kit. All stock throughout. If I do, the only option I'll do is Koni Struts, other than that, I'm not a lowering buff anymore. I'm only 25, but I feel older than that, so looking good, balancing that with everyday luxuries, and keeping the intended look and feel of the Acura Legend is my name of the game.

BeaverBrad: For suspension check out my answer to mYbabYLeGend (It's not on the top of the list). I'd prefer to buy new rims, because the maximum offset is +40 [from some angles, you'll notice the rims stick out a bit], which makes it difficult for me to lower without worrying about rubbing. I am lucky that it doesn't rub already even on a full load while driving up from LA to SJ.

There is no plan to do the bottom skirts. I've seen a few good jobs, but those require some $$$ and anything cheap, will make it look just that ... cheap ... (lots of CRXes here look like that).

Triton3K: They are TSW Revos. Click on the link and scroll down to Revo. I have the 18x7 with the Chrome Nut, they don't make the one with the Chrome Nut anymore, it only comes in Red and I think Blue, you'll see in the picture.

For the grille, I used 3 layers of Rust Oleum's Painter's Touch Sandable Primer (White) followed by 3 layers of Rust Oleum's Painter's Touch Paint (White) followed by 3 layers of Rust Oleum's Clear Coat Enamel. I painted both the inside and outside. I waited 24 hrs for complete dry time for the Primer & Paint, while dry times for the Clear Coat were 1 hour. I could've done it faster, but I had time to kill, so I waited.

For the skirts, check out my answer to BeaverBrad.

Thai.95LCoupe: For the size check out the answer to Triton3K.
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Hey thanks for the answers to the questions Asian. Now another question, can I use the same paint and same process you used for the grill on the body of the car being that I have this nasty a$$ rust spot in the rear wheel well? And how much did it cost you for the paint and how much did you buy?
Lookin' good. I think you've just made up my mind for me about whether or not to paint my grille. Center caps...yes.
I wasn't done. Like every one else said...slam it. Other than that your ride is nice.
SMOOVIE--SMOOV: Thanks. Rims with the correct offset must come first. The TSW Revo's maximum offset is +40 and it's minimum offset comes in +18. At 18x7, the recommended offset is +50 or so and I am a lucky mofo for not having it rub at a +40 offset.

TRITON3K:Hmmm... I am not sure on that. It would seem logical that since the grille and body panel are both metal and all the products I used are for metal products. But, that brings up the question of what makes the difference between the product I bought (which was at Home Depot) and the products they sell at the automotive store? The spray paint bottles were cheap... less than $2/bottle. I bought 1 each and I still have lots to spare.

The thing in Auto Body Repair, especially rust spots, depending on how large the hole is and whether or not it is an even circle or spreading (the rust) unevenly, you will need to sand a few centimeters beyond the rust. I'm no auto body expert, but I'd imagine a hole would have to be punched through, then bondo would have to be applied, sanded down, then apply the primer, followed by the paint layer, and clearcoat enamel.

Like, I mentioned before, I'm not sure if the standard $2/bottle treatment will work well in the rear wheel well. I think the rear wheel well gets more abuse than the front grille, since the grille may get dirt and rocks every so often, that's relatively nothing compared to the elements of the road.
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Your car looks nice man the grill looks good and I think the rim looks much better with the cap
I like the white grill :D With the cap, your rim looks clean, w/o them, they look more aggressive~ It's your call!!
I Liiiiiiiikkee! You know i like :D
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