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arnach said:
I had to use a breaker bar. Sprayed WD40 on it and let it sit for a half an hour. Then used the wrench and a breaker bar (2ft long, careful not to buy too long of a pipe, or youll have no leverage due to the end hitting the ground). I actually ended up using the handle for my jack, I cut off the rubber end and it fit right over the wrench. Just make sure you are using the right size socket so it does not strip.
I agree with his approach. Make sure that the socket you are using fits very snug on the bolt so it cant be stripped, then use as large a breaker bar as possible so that you can put enough torque on your attempt. If you are pretty sure that you can't get the bolt off using one approach, don't keep doing it or else you may damage the bolt/strip it. The key is getting more torque out of your attempt.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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