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*Hurry* Help, Oil drain plug stuck!

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I let some one else change my oil last time and I cannot get it to move. I have my car up on a jack and am turning the bolt counter clock-wise towards the back of the car, I am pretty sure thats the correct way. I won't move and its starting to strip the bolt, any advice? any one experiance this before? Please help.
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arnach said:
Most likely an air wrench with no regard for the proper torque. Last time I took it to the dealer they did an oil change -- put a quart too much oil in and totally f-ed the drain bolt and washer. If they cant get that right, imagine...
That's why they work at Econo-Lube for $10/hr instead of the Stealership for $40/hr.....

Last time I took a car to a lube place for an oil change was a week after I got my '88 Accord. I had been going there for about a year, so they knew me. When I picked it up I took it straight to the alignment shop. An hour after I dropped it off at the alignment shop, they called to say my oil drain plug had a bad leak, they tried to tighten it for me but it was stripped. The lube shop probably stripped it, but either way they had to know about it but didn't bother to say a word to me when I picked it up. If I hadn't taken it to the alignment shop, I could have blown the engine... I didn't bother going back to yell at them, I just never went back, EVER!! :mad:
Osamu said:
i don't know if this will work, but i've heard of others using it, and say it saves A LOT of headache

oil boy oil extractor
just put the tube down the dipstick hole
and pump the oil out the top next time

glad to hear that you got it off tho
Only problem with that is that it probably doesn't get all the oil out, the drain plug is at the lowest point of the oil pan so ALL of the oil will flow out. If the dipstick hole points to the lowest point of the oil pan it should work fine, but I'll bet it doesn't...
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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