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Hydro locked my type 2 in my 94 coupe

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I am now faced with the dilemma of finding a suitable replacement. My question is can I purchase a type 1 and swap parts from my type 2? JDM type 1s are easy to find on ebay but the type 2s aren't. Should I maybe purchase a 3.5 and roll with that? Just lookin for incite from more experienced owners. I believe I bent my rods when I went through high water a couple weeks back that I DID NOT see until I was already in it. The car died immediately and now it won't even turn over, just a single tick when I turn the key. Any ideas or suggestions are appreciated. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!! Jay
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It's all compatible to type1s.

I recommend getting another type2 as they are rare.

If this car can be set aside and become a project a 3.5 hybrid its well worth it.

All the stories of newfound torque are amazing.

The type2 is already comparable to mustangs v8s of its era

Go 3.5!!!!
you can swap all the parts over to a type 1 only the top half of the motor is diff
Thank you both for your responses. My next question is would a 3.5 hybrid swap be about the same amount of work as converting a type 1 to a type 2 with my existing top end and manifold? I know I'd have to have my ecu flashed and the one custom mount for the 3.5 hybrid. Is that the biggest difference between the 2 jobs? If so then 3.5 hybrid it is!!! Thanks again, Jay
There are a few other things like the cam sensor and a couple of connectors on the 3.5 but not a huge amount of things. On the 3.5 you don't want to change heads as then the intake manifold won't fit but you can change the cams if your TII are in good shape.
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