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I am getting ready to take the Legend Coupe Plunge...

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Im getting a champagne color 1992 LS Coupe with 115,000 on it..... The Guy told me to give him $7000 cash, but i think i can get away with $6500 cash..... He is a Dealer so im pretty sure he will take that....

LegendGs is buying my rims From me for $1100 so im straight with the cash...

Can anyone run this VIN For me On CarFax Please thanx

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It's consumer reports auto check.....not carfax....but it's here too look at until some1 posts a carfax.

Vehicle Snapshot Vehicle History Checklist
1992 Acura Legend LS
Body Style
2 Dr Coupe
Country of Manufacture
Japan Review the Vehicle History Records below for details on the following potential problem areas with this vehicle:

Problem Areas Records
Lemon? No
Odometer Irregularities? No
Major Damage? No
High-Use or Lease? No
Emission Problems? No
Safety Problems? No
Stolen Vehicle? No
Other History? No

Vehicle History Records
We have searched our database of insurance, DMV, and auto auction information and found the following 5 records for this 1992 Acura Legend LS. Note the highlighted rows for potential issues that could affect the value of this vehicle.

Date Location Mileage Description
1996-05-31 ROCHESTER, NY Renewal
1998-01-10 ROCHESTER, NY 37545 Title
1998-04-20 ROCHESTER, NY Title
1998-05-13 ROCHESTER, NY Renewal
2000-05-22 WEBSTER, NY Renewal

Glossary of Descriptions Found for This Vehicle (full glossary)
Description Full Definition
Renewal Vehicle had registration renewal event reported by state DMV.
Title Vehicle had title registration event reported by state DMV.

Highlights from our Editors' Review of the 1992 Acura Legend
The following summary includes recall and trouble spot information for several model years of this vehicle. Only information labeled "1992" applies to this vehicle.
Consumer Guide Rating
Best Buy
Antilock brakes
Passenger and cargo room

Automatic transmission performance
Fuel economy
Rear-seat room (coupe)
Road Test Scores
Performance Not Rated
Economy Not Rated
Ride Not Rated
Noise Not Rated
Comfort Not Rated
Cargo Not Rated
(all scores out of 5)

NHTSA Safety Ratings
Front Impact, Driver Side Safety 3
Front Impact, Passenger Side Safety 4
(all scores out of 5)

Check with the seller to ensure that the recall work was completed on these items.

1992: Passenger-side airbag assembly in small number of cars was produced without igniter material, which would cause non-deployment or slow deployment in case of collision.

Trouble Spots
Check for these possible problems when test-driving and inspecting this vehicle.

Steering problems: Steering may be difficult during parking maneuvers due to a problem with the vehicle speed sensor in the power steering unit. (1991-94)
Steering problems: The vehicle speed sensor (VSS) tends to fail but a repair kit has been released so that the whole power steering assembly need not be replaced. (1991-94)
Steering noise: Telescopic steering columns may groan when the wheel is turned because there is not enough lubrication on the column.
Security alarm: The security alarm may not deactivate with the key in the driver's door, which sets off the alarm. Turning the key again may disarm it.
Poor transmission shift: Debris collects on the screen in the engine's air intake causing poor acceleration (all models) or lack of upshift (automatic transmission) at full throttle. (1991-94)
Engine noise: Carbon buildup on the piston rings may cause piston slap. The fix is to clean the carbon using GM Top Engine Cleaner sucked in by way of a vacuum port on the throttle body.
Cruise control: The cruise control may not engage on 1994 models due to a faulty actuator.

Repair Costs
Wondering what it will cost to fix this car if something goes wrong? Here are some commonly repaired items on all cars and how much it would cost to fix each item on a 1992 Acura Legend. (Note: this information is general and does not represent repairs that the specific vehicle listed may require.)

Commonly Repaired Item Typical
Timing Chain or Belt $300
Shocks and/or Struts $895
Radiator $530
Exhaust System $810
Constant Velocity Joints $555
Clutch, Pressure Plate, Bearing $965
Brakes $200
Automatic Transmission or Transaxle $1005
Alternator $360
A/C Compressor $715

Important Disclaimers
While Consumer Guide® makes every effort to present complete and accurate information, a Consumer Guide® Auto Check is not a guarantee of the quality of any used vehicle. There could be other problems with this vehicle that have not been reported to Consumer Guide® or Experian. Please read our full disclaimer.
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Thanx For the Info BullDawg
Where do you get a Consumer Reports check like that? Quite interesting!
very interesting!! how did you get this report?? please shed some light!
That's pretty informative review Bulldawg from Consumer report, I've never heard of it, is that new? I've always used carfax when i did my vehicle lookup.
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