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I am looking for a 91 G2 Sedan... how much are they?

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generally, how much are they running in the current market? Is $2900 too much for a 92 with 131k miles on it?
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welcome redss. I don't think that is too much at all. If you want a professional response, you might want to check Kelly Blue Book to be sure. There you can enter all the options you are looking for including the year and mileage, and get a pretty acurate number from private pary or dealership. Check it out. Holla!
make sure a mechanic checks it out 100%.

early Legends had issues w/ head gaskets (which was probably related to faulty radiators)
Hey man, you could pay for one.. Or you could get one from your grandmother for free like I did! haha.
redss said:
generally, how much are they running in the current market? Is $2900 too much for a 92 with 131k miles on it?
very good price... but make sure it's in good shape.b
I just paid 6500.00 for a 92 Sedan with 160k. However this car is immaculate!!! Chrome 17's, leather in new like condition, paint in showroom condition, CD player, aftermarket alarm. I couldn't pass up the deal. 2900.00 is not bad at all if the card is in decent shape. Is it a L or LS?
I am not sure the different between the L and LS model?

The shape of the car... Well, I can say it is mechanically sound. The engine revs without any lifter or wierd pulley noises so I think the engine is in good shape including most of the drive accessories. I don't know how the transmission is because I have not a chance to test drive the car yet. The blower motor for the A/C doesn't come on. The master window switches has a broken master switch. The seat memory looks like it still works, power mirror works, light works. sunroof works. The body seems straight. The paint looks ok. It seems like they use pretty good quality paint at the factory. The seats have been redone in Black and white fake leather. That's the first thing coming off if I get it.

Does the legend only has 1 wiper blade?? It does not swing far enough to the left to cover the driver side. Maybe a wrong wiper blade installed.
thats sounds like a good deal

That falls close to beater price so It would definately be a good deal if there is nothing major wrong with it,
if you can see the interior, you might think it is a beater. Well, steering wheel and everything inside are all nasty.. nothing good cleaning can't fix but **** it is NASTY!
make sure you have a mechanic run a diagnostic on the transmission, because that is the last thing you want to get stuck with since it is the most expensive thing on the legend to replace mechanically. if the transmission is good, go for it....check timing belt. just fyi, the master window control switch to get replaced is not that cheap either...$300 just for the part and add labor to that.

but 2,900 is good price.
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