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well i know i can play it from about a minute on. i used to use it to soundcheck its a classic lick. hes still using both 'hands' btw.....

theres videos of a guy playing with his feet. nothing special though.

for some really mindblowing one handed guitar stuff look up michael angelo batio


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Satch is great, but with no hair he looks like a skinny Vin Diesel lol. More favorites:

John Petrucci - Dream Theater
Gus G - Firewind/Dream Evil
Luca Turilli - Rhapsody/Luca Turilli
Timo Tolkki - Stratovarius
Jani Liimatainen - Sonata Arctica
Jon Schaffer - Iced Earth
Alex Beyrodt - Silent Force
Criss Oliva (late) - Savatage
Markus Ullrich - Lanfear

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^wow, someone else who knows who yngwie malmsteen is.
I like this thread. Got my Yngwie fix. There are many of us who know Yngwie. Can not wait to get in the car and listen to more...

Yngwie and Joe Satriani were great....another one I liked from back in the day...Tony MacAlpine.

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