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I dont think I ever did this part...

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hello fellow car nuts. A few months ago I picked up a 1995 2dr white pearl coupe. The idea is to get this thing running as my daily driver and only use my gas guzzling Excursion V10 for work.
It had been sitting for at least two years most of that time in a garage so the paint is in great shape, no rust and only a few dings here and there. The bad thing is I bought it not running, assuming the head gasket issue. After getting that part fixed I'm running into all the things I overlooked in my excitement and things I just have not had to deal with because I was always a Mustang or Conquest guy and both of those were simple cars to work on. Two broken wheel studs prevented inspection, geez what ordeal I'm going through just for two wheel studs... On the other cars its simple just pound them out and push new ones in, use a clamp and a socket and presto your on your way. Noooo not on this baby now I'm trying to get a rusted hub off the rest of the knuckle, found out both my front brakes were only using one of the two pistons and no one carries the two piston calipers they all stock the singles WTF.
Anyway I'm hoping for a happy ending to this story someday, sooner rather than later. Its going to be a journey for sure with lots of questions posted and lots of help needed. Thanks for the board and the help I have gotten and will surely need and get in the future.
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The dual piston calibers can be purchased from advance auto parts and auto zone here in MD. (aftermarket/remanufactured.)
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