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i feel silly, but, having a problem obtaining codes....

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so i followed the diy on wiki the best anyone could and im still unable to get my 91 coupe to throw any codes at me. i inserted the paper-clip as far as possible into the reciever and turned the key to the II position and she acts like everything is normal after recieving and ECL last night. I checked the connections on the reciever and paperclip several times over and still to no avail. help anyone? i've got a guy i feel pretty confident about taking her to but i still wanted a little intel on what i was facing before making the call....:horse:
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If the jumping of the system didn't give you a code that means one wasn't stored. To retrieve a code the CEL must be on.
so i simply need to obtain once the CEL begins to show itself?
it could possibly have something to do w/ my trans. my D4 light is out...
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