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Re: rare edmonton coupes

chachinc said:
congrats on your purchase ... i've had my coupe for less than a month now and i've only seen 4 others in Edmonton ... and all different colors ... one red, one green, one white, one champagne, and one black (mine).

just out of curiousity ... did you get yours from mike ... i think he owned the champagne coupe last time i saw him.

i'm should try to get in touch with all of them so we can have a group pic ... all the different colors in one pic ...

maybe i'll see you back in town or u might find me in calgary one of these days ...

I bought the coupe from a younger guy named Tim. He said he was the second owner, and his friend was the previous owner. the car is an original BC car actually, so if your buddy mike is from there, then it was probably his.

As for coupes in Calgary, I dont see too many of them. There is street up north where there is three coupes, 2 red and one black, all within like ten houses. I have seen a couple of black ones, but nothing like my color.

If you are ever in town and you see a champagne coupe with chrome gs rims on it, flash your high beams at me or cut me off something so we can hook up.:)

See ya 'around
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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