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I have $300.00

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And I don't know what to spend it on. Please give me some advice on what to spend it on for my car.
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get the strut bar the leon is selling
I agree and an intake...might be slightly more than $300 all together though.
Want speed do CAI and take off your exhuast, best mods ever... Want show save it get rims...
Tight lookin stock, drop it $325
Like sound, start with a Face unit
Gonna sell soon... Get NOS for $600 installed and just dont blow it up wit to much keep it at 75 shot at most
Spend approx. $100 and order a HELM Shop and Owner's Manual. This can actually save you money over time.
Strut Bar. Very nice looking, not flashy, easy to install and I would buy one tomorrow if I could, but instead I have to save my money for a big clunk. Not sure what it is but if it is minor, I just may buy one for myself.
I am not sure if I want to sell my baby or not. I would love to have a 94-95 GS but those are real hard to come by around here. I already have about $1200.00 invested in the car. I am very happy with it. It runs well, no engine problems at all. Just a few door dings and other body problems. I odered brembos for it this week and just installed indiglo gauges. I am also getting some Infinity 3-way speakers for the rear. I am a family man so I am not into the racing mods but more into the look. I will most likely get an intake. With that said I will probably keep the car but if someone is willing to buy it with price I have it posted at then I would sell it and start to look for my next Legend.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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