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its about a quarter size tear near the front right corner.
the cut is right through it too!
also on both my and the passenger seats you can tell its getting worn out too,
bought the car last year and I think the people who previously owned this car were a bunch of fat asses.
anyways what could I possibly use to fix it thanks

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There is a cosmetic filling compound called Surflex Flex $15.30 - Fill, (I'm sure there or others). Use it to gill blemishes, holes or splits in leather and vinyl. You use it like a spackle compound, sand it and re-color with Surflex Colorant (about $125). You will have to send a sample of the leather, taken for a out of site place, to allow them to match the color.

If you have black leather, then you are in luck. Surflex Black Leather/Vinyl repair product does the above without having to compound nor color match for $26.10.

Go to and look up product by company to find more info.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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