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I have a dilema

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I have saved up some money for real HIDs. Now I'm trying to decide what to get, what should I do?

1) Get 6000k HID from Autolamps ($579+shipping+duty)
2) Get k2 8000k HID from ebay ($520 shipped)
3) Wait and get One peice headlights ($400-$600 depending on ebay)

option 3 is really a long shot, cuz I really want HIDs for my car, and won't be able to do that with one piece.

What would you guys suggest? Autolamps or K2? What are the benifits of Autolamps. I saw pictures posted by 91Bulldog of his K2 kit, and they look good.

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I say 8k HID, Im not too much of a fan of that one piece headlight action. Or flip a coin. A three sided coin in your case. LOL :D
Unfortunately, 91Bulldog and I did not compare HID at the meet. Even if we did, a comparison would not be accurate during the day. But I did get to see his HID and they do stayed "blue" like his pic, after there warmed-up. As does the Ultinons....

However, the color is not an indication of performance. Bulbs rated at 8000K outputs significantly less lumens then lower rated temperature bulbs. Hence, the 4100k bulb outputs 25% more useable amount of light then the 6000K. The tradeoff for that elusive looking Audi HID look. The other important factor is the the beam pattern. A poor beam pattern will produce excessive glare and will not properly illuminate the road. To avoid this look for "beam-corrected" kits.

Personally, I have read mixed reviews of K2 HIDs from the Philips forum - mostly reliability issues. As opposed to Autolamps which has a very good track record here and on the philips forum. Autolamps has a good reputation of standing behind there products. I currently own a set of Ultinons and I would not hesitiate to recommend there kit. They both look awesome and since we both live around NYC, the roads are well lit. If you drive on dark roads, I suggest you do some homework.

I suggest reading the General FAQ and visiting the philips forum
for more information.
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Be patient Whitelegend. Wait a few weeks and I will be able to get you Genuine Philips 6000K Ultinon kits to you at a great price. I will give you more information very soon. This goes for others as well, PM me for more info if you can't wait...:)
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