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Yesterday I got my DV8 Power Package in the mail.. Today I got it installed!
I haven't had a chance to really open it up on the highway yet.. But just cruisin around there is difinatly an exhaust sound difference. The Remus sound a lot deeper and powerful... The one thing that I don't like is the raspy sound that is heard when I floor it and the rpm's get in the 4500 range... I took it back to the muffler shop and asked them about it... They had me get in the car, then they put it on the lift. While my car was on the lift and the muffler guy where under it I put the car in park and revved it a couple of times so that they could hear the raspy noise. The muffler guy said that everything was installed properly and that nothing was leaking nor rattling. He said that the raspy noise is coming after the exhaust pass through the hi flow cat. The raspy noise is audible due to the fact that we have deleted the pre cats, and resonators and added only a hi flow cat....

Anyone else with the DV8 down pipe and hiflow cat hear this same raspy noise at around 4500rpm while flooring it?
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