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I just couldn't resist...... funny race

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Well being a 6speed owner its hard to take it easy on the throttle. On my last tank of gas I vowed not to go over 140km/h and not bring the rpm above 5000. I was doing an experiment to see how much gas I could save by driving normal. I was doing really well until last night.

I pulled up in this double turning lane beside a mid 80's blazer. Not the big style, but the smaller one. It did not look fancy, and there were a couple of younger guys in it playing some tunes. When the light went green we turned the corner normally and started to accelerate normally. When the traffic cleared, all of a sudden I heard this enormous roar! I looked in my rearview, and the blazer had switched lanes right behind my and was tearin up my rear. I was in 3rd gear at the time and figured this guy wanted to race my legend in a hurtin blazer??

Well let me tell you this was not a stock blazer. I know they come with the 4.3v6..... I was on the throttle all the way to the top of 3rd and this guy was right on me, I hit 4th gear goin about 160km/h, and this blazer was still coming strong. I was like holy $hit this thing can move...... I got up to 180, and the thing was still close to me.... we came to a small curve and I slowed down to a modest 160, and he passed me like I was going backwards! When he flew by me, I heard this enormous roar again, and he was blowing blue and white smoke out the exhaust...... it all came right in my sunroof (cough cough). Then came all the backfires (BOOM BOOM BOOM) and flames out the end....

He smiled as he flew by...:)

Next light..... we just happen to pull up beside each other..... turned of the TCS, and when it went green, we were off again. I beet him to about 140 and he flew by me again...... 2 seconds down the highway I come up on him again (still blowing white smoke....:D HAHA), and I go to get by him at about 110km/h. When I get beside him he smiles again, and I can hear him drop gears and he starts lurchin beside me..... I was like ok I have to lose him now, so we were off agian..... Just flyin down the highway...... he was actuall close to me, I could not beleive it. I slowed down to get to my exit, and he tore by me again, gave me a wave and that was it.

The moral of this super long post (sorry its so long)....... You never know whats going on under someone elses hood.

The guy must have had a 350 or a 383 in there or something because that guy was right up with me a 180 km/h! I was absolutely floored that that thing could do over 140km/h (thats all the speedos go to) Does anyone know if those engines will fit in there...... It was defenitaly not a 4.3..... NO WAY IN THE WORLD WAS THAT THING STOCK.

Carry on....;)
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Yup, the S10 Blazer can accomodate a Chevy V8. There are lots of kits and books to help with the conversion. Just look in Summit Racing or JC Whitney.
Don't forget about those bad ass rare typhoons. Turbo V6 that does 0-60 in 5.5sec. He maybe had typhoon engine in there. I wanted that so badly before I got my legend.
I kinda figured that the chev engine compartment would be able to accomodate a V8 somehow. It was the older style so I am not sure if the typhoon engine you are talking about is on the newer styles or older ones.

But the thing that got me was the sound..... I could not even hear my own engine cuz that thing was so loud. I did not hear anything that sounded like a turbocharger. It sounded like an old muscle car.... plain and simple..... he had some serious raw power under that hood. My andrenaline was pumpin for like an hour after that..... so exciting.:cool:
Yes, that Typhoon and the the other one (pickup) are capapble of like low 4 second to mid 5's stock. He may have a hybrid/plus turbo/sc/headers, etc.
I thought the rare truck that was so fast was called a cyclone, or am I thinking of something else. jw, because my bro's freind always talks about how he would rather have a cyclone truck than a lambo. (idiot) :D
lexcoupe21 said:
I thought the rare truck that was so fast was called a cyclone, or am I thinking of something else. jw, because my bro's freind always talks about how he would rather have a cyclone truck than a lambo. (idiot) :D
thats it...the p/u and blazer...typhoon AND cylcone
Those are the newer body style aren't they?

I have seen those and they dont look like anything spectacular:confused: . Are those really that fast?
Mckenzie93 said:
Those are the newer body style aren't they?

I have seen those and they dont look like anything spectacular:confused: . Are those really that fast?

Engine Technical Data


Capacity/ configuration/ cylinders
Turbocharged/ intercooled 4.3L V6

Cubic inch displacement 262

Bore and stroke, in. 4.0 x 3.48

Compression ratio 8.35:1

Fuel management Multiport electronic fuel injection

SAE net horsepower, @ RPM 280 @ 4200

SAE net torque (lb-ft) @ RPM 360 @ 3600




Turbocharged / intercooled 4.3L V6 automatic, w/OD Standard

Front suspension Independent, torsion bars

Max. axle capacity, lbs. 2400

Spring capacity, lbs. 2400

Front stabilizer bar diameter, in. 1.26

Rear suspension Semi-elliptic, 2-stage multi-leaf springs

Max. axle capacity, lbs. 2300

Spring capacity, lbs. 2400

Brakes Vented disc/rear drum, w/4-wheel anti-lock system

Steering (ratio) Fixed power, 17.5:1
Variable power, 16/13:1

Tires (F/R capacity) P245/50VR 16 BW (1576 lbs.)

Fuel tank capacity, gals. 20

engine pic

Typhoon Pics

Typhoon Forum
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Fastest production cars for GM of those years... including the lousy C4 Vette.

I know a 305 can fit in an 89 S10, a friend of mine has it done on his stock looking, rusted out pos, with "EFI V6" badging on it still. :) The epitomy of sleeper.
HOLY CRAP! Those are some vicious numbers......

I just spent a few minutes lookin through the forums and another page in the link in Leons post. If you want to read about the cyclone raping a ferrari 348ts, go to the link and and go to cyclones review or something. In the Killl section of the forum, these guys are raping vettes, supras, lexus, lightnings, etc....

Some of their 1/4 mile times are like 10-12 seconds!

I could have sworn I saw the newer style chev with a typhoon badge/sticker on it...... but it was probably chevs version of a poser.... like the elusive type R accords and legends....

Sounds like GM actually had something to brag about in those years...:rolleyes:
the syclone was one of hte lsat three choices I went down to before buying the legend, it was the legend, the syclone, and a 1992 mitsubishi galant vr-4.

and I drove a nice syclone, I mean, the thing was FAST!! hoyl crap! except still rode and cornered like a ...uh...early 90s american pickup truck :) no can do.

but believe me, in a straight line, they are hard as heck to beat, sorta like a the GNX

Take a big sniff....

Nothing like the smell of rubber burnin in the morning :D

Lol...poor guy bust his @#$
good clip...Guess he thought the po-po's were enroute
Thats funny man ..... LOL....

I would hesitate to buy one after I see what people do with them..... Thats sweet....:)
that is the LONGEST doughnut i've ever seen...he spends all that time in first gear? doesn't that hurt the tranny? ouch!
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