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I lost my only remote, though I still have the key.

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So I was leaving work, and I had my keys clipped to my jeans as always. I go to pull the door open and let the RL unlock itself....and it does not. I reach for my remote...and its not there. I looks up and down for it, no where to be seen at work. So I have been using the key to unlock and start the car...dang I have taken the keyless feature for granted!

Can someone point me in the right direction? My first thought is to go to the dealership, but that's always a expensive trip. Can I buy a remote on ebay and follow some directions on syncing it with my car? Or do you guys know a better place to get a remote?

Thanks for all your help!

BTW it's a 2005 RL
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Sorry to hear that man, I only have one remote myself. (that's why I'm getting a new alarm.)

If your talking about the factory module you should be able to order off line and have it programmed. GL
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