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ign harness or fusebox

Starter black/white + ign harness or fusebox
Second Starter
Ignition black/yellow + ign harness or fusebox
Second Ignition
Third Ignition
Accessory yellow + ign harness or fusebox
Second Accessory
Power Lock green/white - door lock module
Power Unlock green/red - door lock module
Lock Motor
Unlock Motor
Parking Lights+ red/black dr. kick panel/fusebox
Parking Lights- red/green at steering column
Turn Signal(L)
Turn Signal(R)
Reverse Light
Door Trigger wht/blk or blk/wht - plug above dr. kick
Dome Supervision
Trunk/Hatch Pin green/black - plug back of cluster
Hood Pin yellow/red - at anti-theft module
Trunk/Hatch Release white/black + dr. kick/rear harness
Power Sliding Door
Factory Alarm Arm green/yellow - at anti-theft module
Factory Alarm Disarm green/red - at anti-theft module
Disarm No Unlock
Tachometer blue/silver dots AC back of dash or
Wait to start
Brake Wire green/white + brake pedal switch
Parking Brake
Horn Trigger blue/red - steering column
Memory Seat 1
Memory Seat 2
Memory Seat 3

· AKA Smartjay28
5,720 Posts
94 legend
Power Lock green/white - security module
Power Unlock green/blue - security module

the one i posted was for a 93
good luck

ps. The security module is mounted above accelerator pedal, to the right of the steering column

· AKA Smartjay28
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Trulegnd said:
Not trying to hijack the thread but I was doing a search on the reverse light wire and this post came up. I am installing an Eclipse AVN2454 Double Din nav and I need the reverse light wire. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
In the 1st reply is says "Reverse wire" but doesn't have a wire associated with it.
you can do wat bl420 said or, run the wire all the way to the truck and tap if off the reverse light,some installers do this method. the tech sheet doesnt say which wire u can tap from the front.
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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