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i need help

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:( I have been having problems with my 1988 acura legend with v6 engine. ! the cv joint on the left side is going out. and 2 it jumps up idle and then it will drop back down to the regular idle. a freind told me it could be the kick down. it kinda revs a little when the idle is up sometimes it will rev a lot. it drive and gets me where ever i need to go it just does this sometimes. its been happening for about 2-3 weeks. its something to do with the trani but i dont think its going out i just dont know what it could be with out having to pay for the diagnostic do help
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Can you detail the throttle body cleaning? I can get the air intake hose off - then what do I clean? Just spray inside and wipe/brush? What is the EAVC, linkages? I assume the butter fly is the main valve that opens with the throttle?
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