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i need help

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:( I have been having problems with my 1988 acura legend with v6 engine. ! the cv joint on the left side is going out. and 2 it jumps up idle and then it will drop back down to the regular idle. a freind told me it could be the kick down. it kinda revs a little when the idle is up sometimes it will rev a lot. it drive and gets me where ever i need to go it just does this sometimes. its been happening for about 2-3 weeks. its something to do with the trani but i dont think its going out i just dont know what it could be with out having to pay for the diagnostic do help
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Hey Nick-

First of all, welcome to our new 206 Memeber. You should come out to HIN next weekend!!!

What procedure do you use to clean your fuel injectors? Is it as simple as using a bottle of fuel injector cleaner at a gas fillup, or do you have a better method?

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