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i need help

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:( I have been having problems with my 1988 acura legend with v6 engine. ! the cv joint on the left side is going out. and 2 it jumps up idle and then it will drop back down to the regular idle. a freind told me it could be the kick down. it kinda revs a little when the idle is up sometimes it will rev a lot. it drive and gets me where ever i need to go it just does this sometimes. its been happening for about 2-3 weeks. its something to do with the trani but i dont think its going out i just dont know what it could be with out having to pay for the diagnostic do help
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Welcome to the Legend forums! As your personal helper for the day, I'll try to answer your questions.

1. If your CV joint is clicking or popping when you turn, go to Auto Zone or Advanced Auto Parts and buy a half shaft. About $70. Do you know which side is going bad? Take it to a local shop and have them install it, shouldn't be more than $50 for the install.

2. I had the same idling problem with my 89 sedan, When I would put it into park, sometimes the engine would rev from 500 rpm to 1500 rpm back and forth until it either leveled out, or it stalled, I took it to my friend that had a mechanic shop and he did a few things, charged me $20 and it never happened again, Try having a trusted local shop or the dealership take a look at it to see if they can pinpoint it.

Hope this helps, Ask any more questions if you need to.

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