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i need help

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:( I have been having problems with my 1988 acura legend with v6 engine. ! the cv joint on the left side is going out. and 2 it jumps up idle and then it will drop back down to the regular idle. a freind told me it could be the kick down. it kinda revs a little when the idle is up sometimes it will rev a lot. it drive and gets me where ever i need to go it just does this sometimes. its been happening for about 2-3 weeks. its something to do with the trani but i dont think its going out i just dont know what it could be with out having to pay for the diagnostic do help
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1 CV joint : If you are having the car serviced for this it might be better if you let the shop buy the joint, as that will include a warranty on their labor as well as the joint. I've personally installed joints from Auto Zone, Pep Boys, Trak Auto, Napa, Olympic and although most of lifetime warrantees on their joints, it's still a pain if you get a badly rebuilt unit ( i've come across this many times from all the auto parts stores except Napa and Olympic ) Of course if you are willing to spend a bit extra an Acura remanufatured unit from an online retailer should only be around $140 or so.

2 Idle : As the others have said, it's most probably something with the throttle body. Next time it happens, pull your "Alternator Sense" fuse for about 10 seconds and reinstall. This will clear your ECU. If after clearing the ECU the problem goes away, buy a can of " Intake Manifold cleaner " ( do not use carb cleaner ) and clean out your throttle body, EAVC, linkages, butterflies etc etc. If the problem DOES NOT go away with clearing the ECU. You may have a bad EAVC ( expensive and does not go out often )

3 above comments were made assuming all other eletrical systems have been checked and passed ( cap, rotor, plug, wires, connections etc )

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I'm lazy, I just pull the intake hose off, put a shop rag underneath the throttle body and spray away while turning the linkages and butterfly. You can use a softwire brush to break loose carbon deposits and clean things up even more.. but i usually do a quick intake cleaning, throttle body cleaning and fuel injection cleaning once a year so i don't have much build-up. the EAVC is your air valve controller, it controls the idle speed of the car carbon can build up on the orifices and cause problems but they usually don't go bad. It's located next to the throttle body towards the rear of the car ( right side if you're looking at the TB). You are correct, the butterfly is the valve that opens with the throttle. I clean that as well as all the linkages so make sure it opens and shuts smoothly. Just make sure you use "Intake cleaner spray" and not carb cleaner or brake cleaner as these two are more caustic and can cause problems with sensors and/or rubber connections.

I use GM Top Engine Cleaner for the intake track and GM fuel system cleaner for the injectors. For the fuel injectors you bypass the fuel lines from the tank and hook the injectors to the machine, you then run the car with the FI cleaner until the bottle runs dry.. works well but need a competant shop with the proper machinery.. I've also used BG's 44k and have heard others comment on it's usefulness. 44k is something you just pour in the gas tank so could be easiest for those DIY'r
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