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Acura Legend GS 1995

A friend from this forum and I went to look at this Legend for sale. It is mint condition, no paint fading, no wrecks, no stains, it even smells new. He told me all the maintenance was up to date and everything. I asked if he ever had any overheating issues and he told me he did in the past but solved it with a new thermostat. Well, the day I told him I was coming up to look at it, he said that he drove the car earlier and the car was overheating on him, but didn't go far over halfway. I asked what kind of thermostat he put in and he said that he bought it at Oreilly's, so I just thought, Oh Sh-t. I told him about getting OEM and he tried to tell me that it doesn't make a difference. I had a thermostat problem with a legend I had in the past and the OEM thermostat fixed that with no damage done, so I thought I would take one up there and put it in this Legend and try it out. So thats what we did, and it worked out great. The temp. didn't rise or anything. So I thought done deal, im taking this car home. I made him a 5,000$ offer but he said that he wasn't going under 5600$. I talked it over with my friend and we made some phone calls and Stevieray had told me earlier to check the oil. I had completely forgot about doing that just because we were blow away about the condition of the car. Well, I check it, and sure enough its mixed with the ole antifreeze. So I tell the guy what is up, but he doesn't seem to see it when both my friend and I are showing him the green on the dipstick. I tell him that the car has a BHG and he doesn't believe us. He said the car was perfect and the overheating that it was doing wouldn't blow it. He said that he would never sale anything at that price that would take alot of money to fix. I tell him that im still interested in the car, but not for that price with a BHG. He said that he is gonna get it pressure tested, but instead, he relisted the car again that night for the same price and says it runs like new.
If anyone gets a chance, if some of you could call this guy and ask him the regular questions, and ask him if the car has ever overheated. When he says he had some trouble in the past, mention a BHG to him, because he thinks that these problems don't happen to Legends(he has no clue). I want him to realize that people aren't dumb about these cars. I really want this car, but it has a BHG. He has my number and I'm hoping he will call me back with a better offer.
Sorry for the loooong story.

Let me know what happens if you call.
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