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I copied a post by "furball" from which really helped me with my strut question. I hope furball doesn't mind:D

Well, here is my input. I have two L's. An 88 Sedan, and an 88 Coupe. All in all, I have had 3 differen suspension seupts.

The coupe currently has Eibach Pro Kit springs, with Bilstein's all the way around. This is my favorite for handling. By far, it is the best I have experienced for cornering, acceleration, braking, and general ride.

I used to have Tokico's under the coupe (with the Eibach's) and those were very good, but not quite as stiff as the Bilsteins. It also made the car sit lower. When I put the bilstein gas shocks/struts on, it raised the car back up to within a half an inch of stock height.....MAJOR drawback in my book, cause I like the lower look. However, the ride is much improved, so I have overlooked it.

The Sedan used to have stock springs and Tokico's under it, and that was a very good improvement over stock. Then it got lowered. Again, I suggest a progressive rate lowering spring like the Eibach's.

In summary, if you are looking for pure handling, and not worried about the look, I suggest Eibach Pro Kits and Bilstein Gas shocks/struts. But if you want the lower look, and still have much better-than-stock handlilng, I suggest the same Eibach's with Tokico shocks/struts.

Hope this helps......
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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