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I Picked Up My New G2 Coupe Today..... But Problem.....!!!

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OK the car Runs Great New Tires, New Brakes, Oil Changed, Fluids Topped Off..... But Just One Problem That I did not notice when I went on my Test Drive a Month ago....

When I hit a Bump My steering wheel gives a shimmy and I here a thumping noise..... What the Hell is this man.... Is it just my upper or lower Ball Joints???
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possibly. or axle. my steering wheel has a "shimmy" when I make a left hand turn with the wheel all the way turnt. but this is a known prob on the list for 94-95. A cura gonna fix it for me.
Hmmm... sounds like broken tranny mount?? Does If your car seems to lose control even on slight turn it's probably tranny mount. Or probably some loose suspension part.
Please always list mileage. Check the tierods and the balljoints. Could also be a loose/worn rack.
legendtype2 : You hit the nail on the head that is exactly what the car is doing...
Reading my post again made me realize that my grammar's wrong. LOL
Anways my 93 coupe did that when I got my car last year it had 101K miles then. I first replaced the worn out axle but that didn't fix it. Then after being on panic for couple of days I took it to a different machanic and he told me it's the tranny mount. So replaced it and the car felt like new, well almost. Parts and labor cost me $250 from my trusted mechanic. Good luck!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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