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I trying to decide ....

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I am trying to decide ....

Trying to decide if I should sell my Legend and keep my stepdads 1996 Cadilac STS. The STS has 65,000 miles and my Legend has 87,000 miles and the A/C in the Cadi actually works. I have driven the Cadi for 14 hours (it has a timer !) and I just cant get over how smooth and comfy and quiet it is.
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If you want to hear you should keep the STS, go on a Cadi forum.

Keep the Legend.
93LegendSedan said:
There are these,, Those are the only two I found and found them while trying to find battery location for my 99 STS (back seat btw). They seemed to be ok, but not too well organized and I never found the answer to my question, but I hope you have better luck. So post up there with questions they may be of better help. Good luck.
:werd: There is a forum for everything.
1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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