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If that thing has a Northstar, drop it and run like like you would from the police and never look back.

If you think the Legend is a BHG waiting to happen then you havent had a northstar powered cadi yet. A Legend BHG can be repaired by most any skilled mechanic or you can go with a JDM swap $700 Type I or $1000 Type II. The BHG Cadi w/ NS would require a dealer service center or a mechanic w/ training in a "true" wet sleeved engine. A used engine for those cost around $3500. I have a buddy that works as a tech for a cadi dealer here and they won't even replace a head gasket there. They just sell a new engine...

Another thing with the cadi thats not really a problem I guess is W T F were they thinking when they put the starter under the intake manifold. Same with Lexus...
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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