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I trying to decide ....

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I am trying to decide ....

Trying to decide if I should sell my Legend and keep my stepdads 1996 Cadilac STS. The STS has 65,000 miles and my Legend has 87,000 miles and the A/C in the Cadi actually works. I have driven the Cadi for 14 hours (it has a timer !) and I just cant get over how smooth and comfy and quiet it is.
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Stu said:
Its funny, but everyone who rides in the car likes it more than my Legend.
They like it because you own it, not them.

I would run away from the Northstar Cadillac. Even the new ones have one of the worst new owner satisfaction rates.

A coworker of mine had a beautiful 1997 Northstar Cadi. He loved it and raved up and down about it. Then in October he started to have driveability problems. The car wouldn't drive to full temperature before it would stall. It was computer/electronic problem. Very expensive to fix. So someone else at work bought it for $500. Couldn't fix it for anything and ended up selling it to the local salvage for $250. They're absolute piles of dung.

Just call around to the local salvage yards and ask if they have a certain motor in good, running condition and how much it costs. That's how you find out how reliable something is.

For example, a 3.0L Ford might be $300 and a running Northstar motor, well that you probably wouldn't find that.
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