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I want to make the most of what I have....

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This is probably more or less directed at DV8 but I would like to encourage everyone to respond.

I've read Dv8 saying over and over again that he makes the most of what he has. I'm not asking for him re-veal his secrets but rather I'm hoping he could recommend some resources which might help me get the most out of my baby.
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Thanks Leon! I know you're working on some mods for us.

I was hoping for some information to get the most out of what I have now. Maybe there are some books some one could recommend or a web site which details how to tweak a car. I'm not expecting to get a major hp boost but why not get the most out what I have already.

DV8 has some secrets I'm sure and I know he's not up to sharing those secrets with us out right but maybe he could point us to a resource or two?

Hey I learned something today... I'm never again going to use a Venom product. It's probably going to be an expensive lesson but at least I found a use for my tax return.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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