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Idle air control problems

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Hi all gotta ? for guys that have had or went thru the experience of your IAC.
Will this keep the car from starting at all beside have a rough and eratic in the idle jump. I would apprceiate any help out there as my car is not starting Im low on cash.
I searched the topic already but didnt find the answer yet beside rough idle
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If the car isn't starting check the main relay and the ignition switch.
Hey BIGBOY thanks for the response I would like to clarify I hear the relay turn on the off the fuel pump primes but when I go to try and start the car it will crank until the battery dies out all the lights go on the II position so it could be most the ignition switch.
Let me know thanks.
And if anyone else had this issue please I need your input thanks.
Hey BIGBOY yea its on but I would also want you know and everyone out there that is reading this post that I finaly found the problem it was a just a ground on top the right fuel rail. It was loose but not loose enough tight but not tight enough LOL :D so it was catching when engine was on but now starts like a champ.
I'm glad you got it resolved. I know how frustrating it can be to not know wth is going wrong.
YO BIGBOY the idle is still low on my car even after i changed out my iac it sits at 400 rpm
almost to 200 and yes the iac is clean is there any other way to adjust it
yes, I will look for the instructions.........
It idles fine in park its just when in drive and stepping on the brakes it will go all the way down to 300rpm plus or minus 50 rpm sometimes its about to stall out
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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