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When I'm turning the starter key I can hear the engine to briefly have difficulty to start. The noise can be described as the starter spins but the turner doesn't. I have to turn the key off and on until the engine does engage. Which I only need to do once.

Any solutions?
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So you hear the starter spin but the motor doesn't turn over, or you here a click but no crank? :confused:
It spins but doesn't turn over.
I'll keep that in mind and check on that. I had Auto Zone check the battery and they said its bad.
ignition? im a freakin chick!!!! HELP

I have been experiencing similar problems with my man's Acura legend. We have tested the fuel pump, or he may have even replaced it. And it checked out. Then we replaced the washers. I replaced some fuses. Now he's ripping the dash apart to get to the relay which i dont know how much he knows about cars..... I tried after all this but before the relay was invaded or whatever to turn it over after we had sufficiently charged the battery and all I heard was clicking.... no turn over.... so my guess is take the starter in and have it checked for FREE by someone like autozone or some crap to make sure that's not the problem.... am I totally offbase???? Please help car gurus ....
replace that starter. the starter spins, but the solenoid is not pushing that gear out to engage the flywheel
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