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I'll be rolling with these wheels for the West Coast Summers Meet...

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Still OEM size (15") but will be fitted with low profile tires, what you think :yes:

They came out of 97 Accord Coupe with same bolt pattern... 4x114.3, just needed some TLC :thumbsup:

Also, all center caps "H" logo will be replace with the "A" logo :D
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well im looking for what i can get so any thing is good for me. I think im getting some rims for 250 just rims so im looking into that now. Hoping that i have them before the meet.Man i need to replace my throttle cable before it gets stuck again it happened to me again. So i had my gfs dad check it out and said that i need a new one. Sry about the thread jack
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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