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I'm an idiot who needs help!!!

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Boy, I didn't want my last post to be like this. I'm moving to Brazil for the next two years and was just going to say my goodbyes. But, I took my car out for a final cruise to Wendover (100 miles of strait freeway from my house). On my way home I thought, "what the heck" and took off at 120 mph for 100 miles of totally strait freeway. Then I stopped at Wal-mart to get some stuff for my dad and my car wouldn't engauge into a forward gear. I can get into reverse, then I take it to nuetral and it's still in reverse and none of the foreward gears will engauge. Is my tranny gone? I know I'm an idiot, but any possitive remarks would be great. I'm in the states until the 7th of May
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okay I'll start taking any kind of coments now.... thanks
don't know what to tell ya cept I hope it works out for ya, I personally have never had, nor heard of this problem.
I don't see how driving straight going 120MPH could be hard on the tranny. I can understand it not being the best for the engine. So was it fine until you got back to your car and started it up? That sounds really messed up. I hope that it all works out for you.
u werent like in S3 were u ? :)
I wasn't in S3 and it was fine until I stopped. I don't know what I did. I couldn't get it to go above 120mph. I thought that was kinda weird, I'm pretty sure I've got it up to 125 before. But any ideas are very much appreciated. Thanks
These cars are so electronic - could it be that either the ECU or the transmission computer has "thrown a circuit breaker" due to the speed you were travelling at?

Why not try to reset all computers - disconnect the battery and step on the brakes to drain all current.

Does the tranny fluid smell burnt or look real dark?
I love that stretch of highway between SLC and Wendover :D

Does the light on your dash change when you shift gears?
I'll have to try resetting the electronics, thanks for the idea. I can't see any of the lights due to my home made gauges (if you want to see them go here.

thanks for all the help so far...
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