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First off many of you may think I'm crazy but I know alot about car audio any way I have a question! I have thick 8 guage wire for my subs..(obvious reasons) But what guage wire should I use for the 2 front doors and the rear deck???? I'm going to bypass the amp completely and rempove it because the stock Bose isn't good enough sound for me. I already pulled and replaced all speakers and the head unit and know the Bose system is in the closet in my room. If I pull the amp isn't it possible to sell my Bose system as I have no more use for it?????? Anyway What guage of wires would you guys reccommend for the doors and back dash. I am going to use some component system latter on so I am going to wire 2 sets of wire to each door and not sure what I'm going to do with the back? Anyway what guage should I use I heard Chris K told someone else he used 16 guage?? Should I go with a thicker wire? or would 16 work? All I know is anything would be better than the 24 opr 22 or whatever stock guage it is. How many wires go to the Bose???? Is there a wire diagram for the Bose amp??? Can some one please help me on this?!?! Thanks
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