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Injector seals still leaking!

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Okay, two of my fuel injectors were leaking externally so I figured I would just replace all the seals and everything would be fine. So I ordered the parts from the dealer ($100!) and installed them last week end. I figured that solved the problem. Low and behold, I smell that familiar fuel smell again and sure enough, the same two fuel injectors are leaking again!.. just not as badly. *** could be causing this? Is it possible that the housing of the injectors is cracked or something? I didn't see anything like that though. Also, how do I take off the injector plugs? I was no able to do that when I replaced the seals. Thanks for any help.
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Hmmmm, I dunno what might cause the same 2 injectors, but if you still got a recipt, take it back to Acura and get em replaced under warenty.
You have bad injectors, no amount of changing seals will help.
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