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Do you think these two can be related? I've posted about my problem before...

Basically on the dash, it alerts you if a door is open by illuminating that portion RED. Well, the TRUNK is RED indicating it's open. And when you open the red goes out saying it's closed. Basically It's Reversed!!

Trunk is open: NO RED LIGHT (Saying It's closed)
Trunk is closed: RED LIGHT (Saying It's opened)

Today I noticed that the light which illuminates the trunk so you can see inside it at night, it is always off, tried replacing it with a new bulb, still no go. You think there's some odd wiring in my trunk or something? Causing both of these problems?

And no I don't have any Brake Lamp Warnings or any sort, or a wing
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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