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Installing Camber Kits

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Does anyone have any experience with this?
If so, what were your problems/concerns?

How long per side (front)?

Please share your details, I have ordered a set from Legendary Heaven, and will install them asap. I need them so I can roll on my diez y ocho's again.

Kevon and myself will tackle, just wanted some insight going in.

I know, alignment afterwards, right? ;)
Let me know. Thanks.
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Yeah, alignment afterwards is a good idea ;)
First off, once you get the front ones installed you will want to set them negative but eyeball them as close to 0 as possible so that you still have enough tire touching the ground (too much negative camber = dangerous :eek:). If you have positive camber the kits will push the upper control arm out to much and it will scrape the inside of the wheel well and push it out (this will happen a few times anyways actually no matter what). Once it has happened a couple times though and the wheel well gets punched out a little it won't happen anymore cause you will have clearance. It's really an ugly sound and if it happens to much you can get some pretty serious damage or else it can interfere with the hood shocks.

The rear ones are pretty self-explanatory, just stick the little washers on there and eyeball it to spec (saves alignment shop time and you money possibly if you can guess right :D).

What camber kit did you get Leon? I used the Ingalls 3572. Oh yeah, one other thing is to lubricate the camber kits or else they will squeak (WD-40 works, but it won't last very long)
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1. Lift the car so it's barley off the ground, not all too high. They should underline this for their customers.

2. The fusebox has two screws and one clip, u will need to remove it for access to one bolt.

3. Set all for joints for the most negative camber THEN install the kit.

4. Don't take the tire off.

5. un-bolt the the ABS cable first, then the camber joints.
thank you gentlemen.
I wanted to make sure I foresee all issues.

Anything else I should know?
Leon Millette said:
Anything else I should know?
I like your car ;)

How much did you pay for the kit? Ingalls from Legandary Heaven.
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