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Installing indiglo gauges

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i got my euro reverse indiglo gauges from procarparts,
but i need help installing them....................the instructions they come with are crap and definately not legend specific..................can somebody please help me with a step by step from start to finish??
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Basically here it goes.....
there are 3 screws on the panel
after you remove those there are 2 black screws underneath, left and right side between the steering column, they should line up evenly same distance apart. Also look for a harness below the cluster and pull it out.
NOw pop out the black surrounding with the defrost, cruise control, etc.
NOw you got 4 screws two to each side.
After that the plastic is clip on to the instrument cluster with three clips, unsnap those, unplug the wiring harnesses, take the cluster out and start unscrewing all those little pain in the ass screws.
hopefully I didn't overlook anything but hop everything goes well.
do the reverse to put things back together.
Note: before you plug everything back together test the gauges to make sure they all work, just make sure you have all the wiring harnesses plug in to work!
hey legend4life

i notice it you're in binghamtom NY....are you going to SUNY college? i'm going up to SUNY Binghamtom to visit the college on friday and saturday (im still a senior in high school). we should meet up and you can show me your ride, and i can trick out your gauges if you still can't get them to work right :D
hey man wassup,
naa i dont goto SUNY bing but i got alot of friends that go there if u want sum1 to show u around i can prolly get u sum1.

im 18 and still in highschool too

yea no doubt we can meet up tell me wat time ull be free on fri and sat and ill see wat we can do. hit me up at [email protected]

lol man my friends called me to go play football tonite (lol it was highschool kids vs SUNY kids, freaken cheaters beat us lol)
so i cudnt install the gauges, im doing it tommorrow now.............

ur step by step seems pretty good but if i cant do it then u can help me.................and we can check each othaz rides out
my names Imran btw.
aight man peace
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