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Instrument cluster lights went out!!!

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PLEASE HELP!!!!! Instrument cluster lights went out!!!

ok on my instrument cluster the guages are still backlit.........................but the gear selector strip has gone out (the light that lights up P, R, N, D4, D3, 2, 1, but not the red or green box around them, that works) and also the needles are no longer lit............i cannot see my speed at nite sometimes!! the needles on the fuel, rpm, temp gauge needles are all i can barely read any of them at nite, unless they are passing over one of the numbers on the gauge............this is really hard to read them and i think its dangerous when i cant tell how fast im going...........what bulbs do i need to replace, where can i get them, and where do they go???? and should i have a dealer or mechanic do it?? thanks....................
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also i have ordered reverse indiglo gauges from procarparts shud be comin soon.......but i still wanna replace those bulbs........i think i may have read somewhere that they are the overhead cluster bulbs............a pair of them, and u need to goto the dealer.................but i dont know where to get them ?
cmon guys help!
I had a similar problem a little while back. The speedometer part was ok but I could not see the gas or the coolant needles. I was trying to figure out how to replace the bulbs when my brother just whacked the dasboard from the top a couple of times and the bulbs have been on since with no problems at all. I think there are 4 bulbs that shine ON the gauges from the top. (In addition to the backlit bulbs. Hope this helps.

Sim Garcha
1991 Acura Legend LS
there are two over head cluster bulbs, and that's what you need to replace. You can get those from your local dealer, the bulbs are 12V 1.4W.
ok ill try beating up my dash first lol then ill goto the dealer if that doesnt work...............:)

hey, beating the dash worked for me. I know it sounds super primitive but hey, it sure saves the hassle of having to change the bulbs. LOL

Sim Garcha
1991 Acura Legend LS
i had this problem a while ago with indiglo first i thought the bulbs were all burned out, but as it took out my instrument cluster, i noticed that there's a green plug on the lower left of the cluster. it should look much like the plugs that are connected to teh dimmer, Traction control, etc etc but it runs underneath the speedometer cluster. only half of my lights were lit up like yours. apparently this plug comes out rather easily so i plugged it back in and voila, all my lights came back on. apparently, the lights in the cluster are actually powered by two or more plugs, not just one. hope this helps.
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