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yeah i was a wondering if there was possibly an intake for a 90 legend ls coupe? and if there is how hard/easy, what arm/third leg do i have to sacrifice for it...
i heard from my friends that an intake is only for manual/stick cars...:(

90 legend ls coupe
decals ALL off (looks better that way)
17s ADR Valkeryie w/ kuhmo tires
sony xplod (prolly change to a pioneer mp3 player 8400 series)
stock amp (what is the wattage on the stock amp and how do u get it out the trunk and if u don't have the key to the amp?)
hiper fog lights

next thing to hurt this college student's bank account:
pioneer deph-8400mp mp3 player
prolly clear corners from this site
new oxygen sensor
spark plugs
replace fuel injectors
prolly get most of this from or
must learn to spend alittle and save ALOT more! :rolleyes:

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What needs to be done?

So if i were to say purchase an intake like weapon-R from wouldn't fit?
So that mean i would have to "mod" it right?
So then what and how would i go about that process?
(what do i have to purchase, will this require a mechanic to put it in?, what does the intake usually do and will i notice a difference?

thanks :D

-John Q.-

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Ac-Appeal said:
Yo JQ, do you have the exhaust on already or is the air intake the first thing that your installing?
Well i figure i go ahead and first put an intake on IF IT IS POSSIBLE and not too costly...if not i'll just go straight for an intake...prolly get one of of ebay or from a friend. but should i go with the whole cat system or just the muffler?:confused:
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