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intake sound

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With a weapon R intake will the car sound loud or even different than stock at cruising speed?

And also:

What do you guys think of this intake:

its only like $100, is it worth it or should I pay more and go with the weapon R?

and one more:

Do anyone know where to buy a weapon R intake online?

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The only time aftrermarket intakes get loud is above 4000 rpm when the intake opens it's 3rd stage.

I've heard bad things about procar parts over on Try, but be sure to ask if the intake is in stock. Address inquires to Marcus.

I have a Weapon-R intake and at cruising speed you really do not hear it. You only hear the NICE growl when you really punch it and it sucks hard. Although I forked out the extra cash, almost ANY intake pipe is identical to the Weapon-R, with exeption of the filter. I really like my Dragon filter, but my friend got the same results by buying a $80 civic intake and throwing on a Dragon filter...

In my opinion as long as you know it will fit, pick up any 3" intake and slap whichever filter you want onto it. You will also need one breather filter which you can probably pick up almost anywhere.
Im new to this intake stuff, whats a breather filter? does that come with the intake? ive seen pictures of it but i dont know what it does. thanks
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