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All of you who are looking for intakes, i definatly recomend the one from marcus at importtoys. It looks great and is easy to install. It doesnt have their logo on it or anything. And it is definatly cheaper than the ones from weapon R or RM racing. Like half price.
BTW all intakes are pretty much the same, just a pipe with a filter, so getting one from weapon R or RM doesnt improve performance any more than the one from importtoys. And if you decide on the one from importtoys, email them attn marcus. he is a legend owner and will give you the best deal he can.
Mine sounds great and you can definitly feel the increased power, especially at 3-4 thousand rpm. it is a great deal check it out.

im not on their payroll, just tryin to give props cause they hooked me up.
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