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Integra GSR Kill :)

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Was on the onramp behind a red integra GSR last night, waiting for an opening to pull on (yes, we in Pittsburgh has STOP SIGNS as the end of on ramps!!). anyhow, there was a large opening, and he takes off, and I floor it for fun and move two lanes over and blows by him accelerating to 65. he moves in behind me, and we enter a tunnel and stays about four cars lenghts back.

as soon as we clearn the tunnel, I heard a engine pitch rising and he rlashes to the slower lane and starts to gain, I set what the hell, and shifts to 3rd and floors, it, by now, he has already floored it for a good1-1.5 seconds and was about 1 car lengths behind and coming up.

well, lets just say that he got to about his front bumper to my rear view mirror and then he started going backward :) by the time I hot 90 he was back to about 3 car length back, and we started around 65...! I pulled off my exit and he went flying by. it was a manual too cause I saw the way he was accelrating off the on ramp with intermitten lurches..


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GSR will be killed....

Yeah either all of them r ricers or the GSR is not that great especially above 80mph
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