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Interchangability of parts from Accord 2.7?

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Has anyone ever had a good look at the 95-97 Accord V6 2.7? It's the same engine as ours, but I was wondering if anyone had ever used any parts from one. I would like to get the black engine cover piece from one and fit it to mine. Also, was that a VTEC?

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Parts Interchangeability

This question comes up pretty regularly.

Won't someone who has access to the Hollander Interchange manuals please post?

Better yet, maybe some of you rather flush members can fork out the +$300 or so for these manuals and let us look at the pages? I knew I could count on your goodwill.:rolleyes:
From the December 1994 Car and Driver road test of the Accord V6:

Next, we talked to the engine guys. The say the Accord's 2.7-liter V-6 is "95 percent new," with new heads and manifolds and a revised block. The remaining 5 percent was carried over from the engine in the 1988-'91 (sic) Acura Legend Coupe."
I think you can get your oil filters from the Honda dealer, though. Also, I don't see a problem in doing a complete engine swap. The tranny is also the same, I think, because C/D has the same complaints about it that I have about the tranny in the Legend.
Well, I guess that would be another good project to take on someday, the conversion of the old 2.7 to the newer 2.7. Probably would have slight issues w/ mounting locations.

That's new to me how the block and heads are different.

Thanks for the info.
Would they admit its basically the same as the engine in a car that came out in 87?
87-90 Non OBD

95-97 OBD2

wont work unless you convert wiring harnesses
Hmmmm. 9 extra HP, but at the expense of having a harder time modding a OBD-2 engine. Worth it?
C25A1guy said:
Hmmmm. 9 extra HP, but at the expense of having a harder time modding a OBD-2 engine. Worth it?
No, you'd get more from modding the current engine. Also, the Accord 2.7 had different hydraulic engine mounts.
Hey using the scan tool would be cool. Just try and find one for the G1 Legend... When I was at the dealer once I saw it laying on a counter, had the urge to grab it and run, but nah :)
BAH!!!! You should have.
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