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Is a '90 2 Door Manual worth anything?

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I seen a 1990 2 Door Legend a few months ago when I went to do some work for a lady. I asked about the car because that's what I usually do and realized that the car had a 5-Speed in it. I told the lady to let me know if she every decided to sell it and I got a call today asking if I was still interested.

The car was smoking a little, I think it was valve stem seals but who knows. It looked real good inside and out but now the clutch has gone out. Will shift when parked and off, will not shift when running.

Is this car worth anything? I know some people like these cars, especially shtick shift models. The car has 212,000 on it. I'm not real concerned about the miles, it's a southern rust free car.

My problem is that I recently moved 900 miles away and I'm not sure if it's worth my while to go drag it to me or have it shipped.

What do you guys think? Is anyone here interested in it?
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Can you post some pics of it? We can judge it a little bit on its looks. Alternately get a mechanic to drive the car and let you know what his review is.
I'm to far away to post pictures. I'll see what I can do.
From your description of the clutch problem it sounds like the issue is either a bad clutch master cylinder or slave cylinder rather than the clutch itself. Or if you're real lucky it might be a minor fluid leak between the two.

Not an uncommon problem, nor terribly expensive to fix. If you know how to float the gears you can even still drive it in a pinch.

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