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First off i just wanted to say this forum is great...i've never had to even register until now cuz most issues have been covered so usually i can just search for them. I've actually been reading this site since 02 even when i was just dreamin of a legend but i got a serious issue. Somethin is wrong with my radio. I recently changed the battery in my car and when i went to put my radio code in it wouldnt accept the code. Now i know my radio code like i know my social so i'm 99.9 percent sure its right...and i kno i could just call it in somewhere if i really needed to but the thing is that this is my second legend and the radio is out of the first one so the numbers on the radio and the vin wont correspond to each other. can the radio code change or get erased? thanks for the help
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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