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is my AIRBAG srs OK?

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I have 3 legends

92 Coupe - dark blue

93 Saloon - maroon burgundy
(Has Acura steering wheel
and a larger key. is that rare?)

95 Saloon - charcoal grey

All 3 have had good lives

But they have recently become
Very powdery with a streamed
Stain that looks to be affecting
The rubber on the wheel airbag

No powder or stain anywhere
else only on the center air bag
Area. Not on the wheel grip
Not on the cruise, horn, carpet
or seat.

And no SRS lights

The 92 coupe is the worst
The charcoal 95 has a fair stain
and 93 is powdery but less so

All 3 have been through the seasons
as they are nowadays and are aging like
everything does but they are cared for.

So far the "official" word is

Don't know

Same answer I get when

Do 90s legend airbags expire?
What the heck is this stain?
Is my car safe to drive?


I don't want to even turn the key

Dealer says no replacements
They are hours away
Would have to tow

Sent them pictures
Will follow that up.

Head office are dealing with
A major scandal as its being

My cars are not on their list
But they only ran one vin
Haven't chased me up or
Given me any confidence
Or information D:

Anyway, haven't found
reassuring info
Only the tsb's etc

Passenger SRS has no powder
But is lifted a little

There are plenty of kangaroo
Where I drive

Didn't cause a 97 Prelude SRS
To deploy but the headlight
shattered completely

I asked it, what are you doing?
It didn't know

acura legend airbag recall
Was down to premature deployment
With excessive force from moisture
Causing the corn starch to leak??

no body here is all that

There's a strong smell in the 92 coupe
Nothing I've smelt before.

Assistance Required

Will post pics now
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Airbag photos

Photos attached


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I found this on Google:
See also:

There also was an article (now can't find it) about airbags' seals deteriorating due to extreme change in heat and moisture conditions.

Our '92 Legend L had been in an accident before we got it. There was white powder inside the instrument cluster but not anywhere near the air bag itself, so I in my ignorance chuckled that it was where the guys who stole the car had hid their cocaine.
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