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Can this setup actually work??

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It has come to my attention that there is an automatic G1 legend that has had it's displacement increased to a 3.0L
Run's 14.8 all motor & will soon be in the 12's with NOS

here's the conversation i had with him on AIM. sounds like a bulletproof setup to me :D
sorry that it is so long but it is necessary for you to understand where he's coming from

LiCkSo1: sup
eRICc27A1: not much
LiCkSo1: koo
eRICc27A1: do you race with a crew?
LiCkSo1: yup why
eRICc27A1: which one?
LiCkSo1: evolution why
eRICc27A1: what other cars are in the club
LiCkSo1: evolution is my raCeing rew
LiCkSo1: hek the site
LiCkSo1: do u see it
LiCkSo1: www.1evolution.s5.Com
LiCkSo1: are u in it aint done yet tho
eRICc27A1: you guys charge?
LiCkSo1: huh
LiCkSo1: for wud
eRICc27A1: 1. One Modification minimum

2. Probation for a month.. (You can be kicked out within this time)

3. Must attend all meetings. Mandatory. If you don't attend, fine is $5.00

4. No phone calls during the meeting.

5. Must stay until end of meeting.

6. Club fees: $5 per week.

7. When you go to the meeting, you must have your car washed and looking nice, otherwise you'll be taxed...

8. You must have an Evolution sticker on your car's front window. if you don't believe in stickers, you can't be part of the crew.

LiCkSo1: yeah but i dont pay
LiCkSo1: and i dont have the stiker ether
eRICc27A1: why the rules then?
LiCkSo1: its koo kause i am one of the founders
LiCkSo1: every body pays tho
LiCkSo1: not me tho
eRICc27A1: what's this money go toward
LiCkSo1: piks of the kars are going to up on sat
LiCkSo1: the money goes to we when we go to kar shows we get in for free or pizza
LiCkSo1: or stuff
LiCkSo1: shirts
LiCkSo1: to or kars
LiCkSo1: our kar*
LiCkSo1: u know
LiCkSo1: we are family
LiCkSo1: one big klub united
eRICc27A1: haha
LiCkSo1: umm wud
LiCkSo1: u have a krew
eRICc27A1: thats why i got outta that TEAM
LiCkSo1: why
eRICc27A1: cuz of thier bull****
LiCkSo1: wad team
eRICc27A1: was never really in one
eRICc27A1: different values
LiCkSo1: lol well thats why is a klub foo
LiCkSo1: koo
LiCkSo1: get togheter
LiCkSo1: and rase
LiCkSo1: hit swtihes
LiCkSo1: hydros
LiCkSo1: airbags
LiCkSo1: low 13s
LiCkSo1: high 12s
eRICc27A1: which car does that?
LiCkSo1: the amaro and mustang
LiCkSo1: kamaro
eRICc27A1: what mods on the camaro
LiCkSo1: one gt runs low 13s and the other one mid 12s
LiCkSo1: super Charger
LiCkSo1: why u wanna raCes us
LiCkSo1: raCe
LiCkSo1: us
eRICc27A1: nope
LiCkSo1: even the s-10s do low 15s and high 14s
LiCkSo1: v6 s-10
LiCkSo1: the toyota does mid 15s
LiCkSo1: its slow tho
LiCkSo1: so wad year is dv8 kar
eRICc27A1: 91
LiCkSo1: koo
LiCkSo1: have u rased him yet
eRICc27A1: yup
eRICc27A1: in eliminations
LiCkSo1: who won
LiCkSo1: by how many kars
eRICc27A1: he won by .04 seconds
LiCkSo1: lol u had nitrous
eRICc27A1: no
LiCkSo1: how about him
eRICc27A1: we werent using nitrous
eRICc27A1: it was in eliminations
eRICc27A1: we dont street race
LiCkSo1: how about with nitrous
LiCkSo1: lol why
LiCkSo1: street rase is betta beter feel
eRICc27A1: nope, done both
eRICc27A1: track is more challenging
LiCkSo1: u dont like street raing
LiCkSo1: koo
eRICc27A1: been therem done that
LiCkSo1: yeah but we dont have a trak around here
LiCkSo1: get me
LiCkSo1: so wad else
eRICc27A1: he's got 5 first places 1 second
eRICc27A1: i have 3 firsts 2 seconds
eRICc27A1: trophys
eRICc27A1: battle of consistency
LiCkSo1: koo
eRICc27A1: other then that, were good friends
LiCkSo1: yup
LiCkSo1: its all fun and games
LiCkSo1: and a lil of danger
LiCkSo1: do u take him with nos
eRICc27A1: we've never raced NOS vs NOS
eRICc27A1: but more then likely he'd win
LiCkSo1: umm that be nise
eRICc27A1: when the opportunity presents itself, we'll tape it & slap it on the forums
LiCkSo1: koo
LiCkSo1: i bet ull win
eRICc27A1: nah
LiCkSo1: wad his shot of nos
eRICc27A1: he's runnings a 13.6 with an 80 shot
LiCkSo1: 80 shot **** it
LiCkSo1: and u 50 shot
eRICc27A1: im running an 80
eRICc27A1: it's all in the setup
eRICc27A1: mine will be very similar to his when it's all done
LiCkSo1: yup koo
eRICc27A1: mine will just be setup for a 5 speed
LiCkSo1: koo
eRICc27A1: so how do you plan on breaking 13's
LiCkSo1: ill be happy when i hit high 12s in my 4 door
LiCkSo1: umm a big shot of nos
eRICc27A1: wha shot
LiCkSo1: i guess
eRICc27A1: ?
eRICc27A1: how much compression are you running now?
LiCkSo1: like a 125 shot
LiCkSo1: umm i dunno i need to take the kar to the shop
eRICc27A1: you had the engine rebuilt right?
LiCkSo1: it needs some teaks on it
LiCkSo1: yup
eRICc27A1: heads milled?
LiCkSo1: no i had a new engine
LiCkSo1: not rebuilt
LiCkSo1: new
LiCkSo1: japan
eRICc27A1: from what car?
LiCkSo1: honda legend
LiCkSo1: duh
LiCkSo1: 2.7
LiCkSo1: ported and polished
eRICc27A1: you said yesterday that you had a 3.0
LiCkSo1: to 3.0
LiCkSo1: yeah i do
eRICc27A1: port & polish doesnt increase displacement bra
LiCkSo1: it was bored out to 3.0
LiCkSo1: omg
eRICc27A1: what pistons did you use
LiCkSo1: je
LiCkSo1: 3.0
eRICc27A1: what size?
LiCkSo1: 2.997
LiCkSo1: pistons
eRICc27A1: nonono
LiCkSo1: got it
eRICc27A1: what size diameter are your pistons
LiCkSo1: omg
LiCkSo1: oh
eRICc27A1: im trying to figure out how you got 3 out of JE pistons
eRICc27A1: cuz if you had them made
eRICc27A1: then i'll have to look into getting some for mine
LiCkSo1: holdthere from a supra
eRICc27A1: cuz upon discussing your setup with other legend owners
LiCkSo1: supra pistos
LiCkSo1: man u wanna see my kar
eRICc27A1: yup
LiCkSo1: ill be betta
eRICc27A1: i just want to know the internals
LiCkSo1: i am going to take a trip to l.a soon
eRICc27A1: cuz it's never been done
LiCkSo1: wel guess wad
eRICc27A1: i thought you mighta used a ist gen NSX crank
LiCkSo1: its done now
eRICc27A1: im not in LA bro
LiCkSo1: well the pistons are from a supra
LiCkSo1: well ur lose to la
LiCkSo1: klosed
eRICc27A1: im in sac
eRICc27A1: la's about 8 hours away
LiCkSo1: **** it
LiCkSo1: i live by santa barbara
LiCkSo1: umm aight aight
LiCkSo1: ummmm
LiCkSo1: have u ever toook a look at ur blok
LiCkSo1: engine blok
eRICc27A1: yup
LiCkSo1: out uf the kar
LiCkSo1: take the **** **** to a maChine shop and tell them to inrease the displaement
eRICc27A1: so you have JE pistons or pistons from a supra
LiCkSo1: i have the head not the whole piston
LiCkSo1: a 3.0 head
LiCkSo1: well atually 2.997
eRICc27A1: im just trying to follow along with you
LiCkSo1: then i dont remember wad krank they used
LiCkSo1: ill let u know its been a year and half sine this
LiCkSo1: sinCe*
LiCkSo1: but ill showed u some proff when i go to the trak
eRICc27A1: youve had this setup for over a year & never told anyone on the forums??
LiCkSo1: i am going to hit mid 13s hope fully or high 13s
LiCkSo1: i berly found the forums
LiCkSo1: i didnt know they had legend forums
LiCkSo1: i berly found out in marCh
LiCkSo1: then the kar was done by my bro
LiCkSo1: he used to run low 15s high 14s then he past it over
LiCkSo1: man kant wait to get some proff
LiCkSo1: so all u ass holes kould shut ur mouth up:-D
LiCkSo1: its kinda har to eksplain
LiCkSo1: so ill be ****
LiCkSo1: :-D
eRICc27A1: need onfo on the shop who did it
eRICc27A1: cuz i need to know what was done EXACTLY
LiCkSo1: oh belive me bro they aint gonna tell u wad they did there gonna say bring u rkar over and a kouple of 100s
LiCkSo1: belive me
LiCkSo1: ill give u the # tho
LiCkSo1: i fo got to look at the number
LiCkSo1: ill tell u in a bit

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Tell me aprox' cost and I'll make it real!
Didn't think there was enough space under the hood/bonnet for a stroker kit.
So I assume he overbored only, and increased piston diameter, but how thick would the cylinder walls be? Could they handle the heat without blowing through?
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